Real Estate Initiatives

As part of the management activity, CBC S.p.a. implements all the documents necessary for the acquisition, conservation and growth of the real estate assets, namely:

  • acquisition of real estate;
  • acquisition and / or transfer of real estate rights;
  • lease, rental, loan of the aforementioned goods;
  • ordinary and extraordinary maintenance or renovation;
  • sale of real estate.

Most of the costs or in some cases even with their total coverage, can be managed through the assignment of tax credits, according to certified procedures of which CBC S.p.a. is the first, and currently the only company, which has created a system of 360 degree document management.
From the initial feasibility analysis, to the completion of the works, up to the delivery to the bodies in charge of all the documents necessary to benefit from the possibilities offered by the decrees currently in force.
See the pages on the site for information on how CBC S.p.a. develops these procedures.