Real Estate Enhancement of NPL

NPL management, the advantages of relying on specialized companies.

The management of NPLs by qualified consultants includes highly specialized processing of impaired loans with judicial and extrajudicial recovery processes for third parties and makes use of the most effective collection strategies and NPL management to maximize their value. For NPLs, the purchase is made considering the specific needs and ensuring ethics, professionalism and efficiency.
But what are Real Estate NPLs? By bank definition, these are “problem or impaired loans”, which in short are hardly reimbursable by credit institutions. Many of these have real estate as collateral, and it is precisely these that CBC S.p.a. deals with.
From 2008 onwards the NPLs have undergone a surge, and this has saturated the market with opportunities for acquisition interventions, unfortunately the management of the related procedures is far from simple.
To simplify these procedures, especially during the analysis and selection phase, CBC S.p.a. presents itself as an expert and competent real estate partner. We have a team dedicated to the purchase of real estate NPLs that fully satisfy the prospects of both the client and the credit institution concerned.