Environment - Ecology - Hydrogen sector

In environmental and economic sciences, environmental sustainability is the condition for a development capable of ensuring the satisfaction of the needs of the present generation without compromising the possibility of future generations to make their own.

The purpose for which the HYDROGENESYS pyrolysis system was born is the sustainable production of electricity and heat with the transformation of organic component waste (carbon chemistry) without generating polluting or harmful emissions for the environment; the aim of the cycle is to achieve “zero emissions” by obtaining the maximum technologically possible energy from products that reach the end of their life cycle.


The reaction process takes place inside a reactor characterized by a “reducing” environment or in an air-free atmosphere, of which nitrogen and oxygen represent the main components.
The absence of these gases will prevent oxidation of the molecules and the formation of unwanted chains (Nox and similar).

Depending on the aims pursued, the energy carrier (hydrogen) can be used as:

  • fuel for on-site production of electricity through the use of steam boilers combined with a turbine, gas turbines, fuel cells
  • fuel for sustainable mobility
  • technical gas for industrial processes.

In order to guarantee the self-sustainability of the system, without accessing the use of external energy sources, for any type of use, a portion of the produced Hydrogen must be dedicated to the self-maintenance of the cycle and the production of electricity for self-consumption.

The entire cycle generates, as a production residue, a significant amount of thermal energy which can be used as an energy vector in combined cycles, for the transfer of energy for district heating, in condensing machines for the generation of cooling power, in desalination and water purification, etc.

The process has been optimized to derive hydrogen, inert vitrified slag that can be used in the environment without unwanted transfers, and CO2 that can be used by industry from the piroscission fuel.

By keeping the main process cycle constant, the pyrolysis gases will undergo treatment, cleaning and separation steps optimized according to their specific composition which varies according to the input product.

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